Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday, June 1, 2009


Can I just tell everyone that I have the best siblings in the world!!!!

Wynter and T.J.- Tonight I thought I was having car problems because my interior lights wouldn't go off...Wynter and T.J. came to the rescue, and told me that I just needed to turn off my lights...I am so stupid, but my car is okay! Wynter and TJ are such a great parents and have always been there for me!

Heber- It has been so much fun having Heber home. He seriously is one of my top 3 best friends, and someone that I love to pieces. I was struggling with being overloaded with work this week, and I asked him for a blessing to help me accomplish everything for end of month. He gave me a blessing, and as he was giving it, he started crying which made me started to cry. After all was said and done he told me that he felt so privileged to be my Brother, and that he loved me so much. Words can't describe how much I love this kid!

Brad- I like to call Brad my magnet Brother. Whenever I come home he is like a magnet that sticks to his Sister the fridge! I love that he is a musician and writes music. He is so talented, and I am so jealous of his songwriting abilities! I feel so close to him and I feel that he would do anything for me. Tonight when I had car problems he came out to look at my car, and though he never did figure it out...he was there with his flashlight trying to help me with the problem!

James- Tonight I took this 16 year old out driving, and I am so glad he didn't wreck my car! But it was so much fun seeing him slam on the breaks at every stop sign, and hit all the imaginary parked cars in the Church parking lot. James is my hug-a-bunch brother....He is always the peacemaker, and always makes funny jokes! He also sings like an angel...more than the rest of us can say!

Hayden- Hayden is my teasing brother,,.If you want to be teased stand by this 14 year old! Hayden is awesome! He is Mr. Confident, but usually will cuddle with me during movies! I love it! On Friday at Brad's graduation, Hayden was trying to teach me how to play Donkey Kong on Nintendo DS...I never won a level, but he was so patient with trying to teach me!

Anyhow I love my Siblings so much! I don't know how I was so blessed to have them all! We are quite a bunch, but I love how we all laugh at each others jokes when no one else would get them.