Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I am pleased to announce that I am having my first business dinner ever next Tuesday. I had a custom guitar shop call me this week, wondering if I would be interested in being the sole guitar teacher for their store. They also want me to help them get open mic's started in their store, and to help promote local musicians.
This company makes guitars, so I asked them if they could teach me how to make guitars, and they told me that if I was to join their team, then of course! So if everything works out I might have to make a custom guitar for myself. This company has tons of guitars with their most expensive guitar costing $100,000.00. Anyhow I am excited.
I also got two new guitar students today, so I am excited to share my love of guitars with some more folks!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas was so fabulous! Thought I would share some pictures! Brad and Cute baby Sawyer!
Tommy and his new coat!

Hen and Hay!

Zoe the great!

Sisters...and Heber

We both gave each other Twister!

Henri in his new powdered wig!

After midnight mass--what a magical evening!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I have had quite a number of people ask me about guitar lessons lately, so I thought I would share my new deals with everyone. I have students from ages 5-65, and have taught huge family groups. If you have any questions email me at

Learn the basics package: Come learn the basics of your guitar to either swoon someone you love, or just be able to play around the campfire. Six-60 minute lessons for only $100.00.

The New Years Resolution Package:
Full year/ 30 minute lesson once a week: $600 ($180 savings).
Half year/ 30 minute lesson once a week: $300 ($90 savings).

Group Packages: Rock out and learn guitar with your friends or family for not half an hour, but a whole hour.
1 hour lesson for 2-4 people $13.00 per person
1 hour lesson for 5-6 people $10.00 per person
1 hour lesson for 7-10 people $7.00 per person

Tiny Tots Music Class (ages 5-8) Saturday only from 9-10 am: Teaches and introduces kids to guitar and begining music theory through fun games, and activities. Limited room available.
$50.00 per month

Take it at your own pace: Here are my current rates with no packages involved
$15.00 per 30 minute lesson
$17.00 per 45 minute lesson
$20.00 per 60 minute lesson

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I have been extremely busy lately. I am drowning in business classes, homework, finals, and work. Henri has also been finishing up his semester in college, but playing the opposite roll of proffessor--and has also been super busy grading papers. Anyhow this is my failed attempt at a Christmas tree. It isn't even a Christmas tree, it's a Pier 1 ceramic vase with a bunch of sticks in it. Anyhow it's kind of like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but I even put an angel on top. Merry Christmas everyone!

This is an angel ornament that a cute little deaf girl gave me.

Friday, December 3, 2010


So this weekend Henri and I are planning to decorate a real christmas tree. Thats right folks a 100% real pine tree that we will probably buy at a lot. The question however, is how should we decorate the tree?
Henri really wants red balled ornaments, to remind him of his childhood, and I have this super sassy tree skirt that I got on clearance at Pier 1 a couple of years ago that I have never used. Other than that here are our ideas

Hayley's idea- We should make a napolean tree for Henri (Henri loves Napolean Bonaparte! He's 100 % history).

Henri's idea- We should make a country/bluegrass tree for Hayley (100% cowgirl without the animals, farm, or wranglers).
We might just end up with a tree with red balls, a sting of popcorn, and a cute skirt, but stay tuned for pictures.