Monday, April 12, 2010

Revenge for Mr. Chris!

So last Saturday my teacher announced to the class that single people and people without kids should never blog. Well I decided to prove him wrong, and show all my anonymous readers who leave me comments about investing in stock, why I have reason to blog! Welcome to the fabulous life of Hayley!

So as you can see I love music! I currently am taking saxaphone lessons, and I have been teaching guitar quite a bit. I am still in a bluegrass band, and we have been recording non stop! Here is to the music life is dedicated to you! So I recently bought my first pair of skinny jeans, and even though they make me look far from skinny...I love that I can sport all my cute boots with them...oh well here's to embracing your thighs :)!

So Lyndi and I recently went to Disneyland over UVU's spring break, and let me tell you we had a blast. All I can say is my trip boyfriend was Bob Dylan, and Lyndi's was Cat Stevens! :) Lyndi thanks for being so awesome!

So I have had a blast painting my piano cherry red....bold yes, but I adore my new piano! Whats my inspiration...Elton John's cherry red piano!

I got way too much candy for Easter--making me embrace those skinny jean thighs even more!

Rock climbing is quickly turning into my 1st love! When I go I seriously am on cloud 9 for like 3 days! I love the feeling of being able to get through challenges!
This is a really good looking that I have dated quite a bit!

Heber got married! Woo hoo! Notice it takes 2 brothers to lift my thighs!!! Ha ha! I think I am funny!