Monday, March 21, 2011


I remember a couple of years ago I attended a work Christmas party, with my good friend Rob. While we were there they had a hypnotist come and amaze the audience. Now at that time, I wasn't sure if I could be hypnotized or not, but while the show was going on I kept falling into a deep sleep at the dinner table, followed by a nudge from my date. I found out right there and then that I get hypnotized very easy.

I have met quite a few people who are a little scared of hypnosis, or think it's strange, or against religious beliefs--I have no problem with this, but before you jump to conclusions, I want to share why I love hypnosis.

Back in December I started my hypnosis journey, and now I am addicted. I started with a simple search on YouTube and typed in "hypnosis for weight loss"--I plugged in my ear buds to my computer, laid on my bed, and went into complete bliss. I am proud to say that since December I have lost 15 pounds, and it's 100% due to hypnosis. I usually do the hypnosis programs once a day, and my favorite was a site called They help with anything from weight loss, nail biting, depression, fear of spiders, and anxiety. Also the guy on hypnobusters has a calming accent--maybe Irish--not sure.

The hypnosis I have been using is filled with powerful positive messages, and I figure we have enough people out there telling us how horrible we are, that it's about time we start loving ourselves and hearing only positive things.

Anyhow I would suggest hypnosis to anyone. I swear it's completely safe in your own home, and it's my favorite meditation/relaxation method. Happy Trails!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Healing Power of Water

The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and some of our bodies tissues are made up of over 95% of water. So today you guessed it you are going to hear about how to comfort your body using what it loves most--water.

Now I don't know about most of you, but I live in a world of stress. My day starts early in the morning, I work a 40 hour work week, followed by daily guitar students, full time school, band, gym, family, and it usually ends with a late night with my best friend and love of my life Henri. Now even though I am stretched out thin, I really feel I am usually on my A game--and today I want to share my secret--WATER! I want to share my health secrets that involve this five letter word (five is my lucky number). Now I am going to give you all very strange advice, but I want you to try it at your own risk, and tell me if it has helped you at all.

Okay here is my advice:

At least once a day take a 20 second to 10 minute cold shower. Now you may think this sounds odd, but I want to tell you why it works.

taking cold showers helps with the following:

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Helps with depression- has anti-depressant effect on mood
  3. Keeps skin and hair healthy
  4. Strengthens immunity system
  5. Increases fertility
  6. Increases energy and well being
  7. Cleanses mind and body from negative emotions that are yours, or you have picked up from others.
  8. Anti-aging secret to keep skin tight, elastic, and vibrant
  9. Wakes you up in the morning
  10. You will save money on your energy bill
  11. Flushes toxins from your skin

So try it out, and report back your experiences.