Monday, March 21, 2011


I remember a couple of years ago I attended a work Christmas party, with my good friend Rob. While we were there they had a hypnotist come and amaze the audience. Now at that time, I wasn't sure if I could be hypnotized or not, but while the show was going on I kept falling into a deep sleep at the dinner table, followed by a nudge from my date. I found out right there and then that I get hypnotized very easy.

I have met quite a few people who are a little scared of hypnosis, or think it's strange, or against religious beliefs--I have no problem with this, but before you jump to conclusions, I want to share why I love hypnosis.

Back in December I started my hypnosis journey, and now I am addicted. I started with a simple search on YouTube and typed in "hypnosis for weight loss"--I plugged in my ear buds to my computer, laid on my bed, and went into complete bliss. I am proud to say that since December I have lost 15 pounds, and it's 100% due to hypnosis. I usually do the hypnosis programs once a day, and my favorite was a site called They help with anything from weight loss, nail biting, depression, fear of spiders, and anxiety. Also the guy on hypnobusters has a calming accent--maybe Irish--not sure.

The hypnosis I have been using is filled with powerful positive messages, and I figure we have enough people out there telling us how horrible we are, that it's about time we start loving ourselves and hearing only positive things.

Anyhow I would suggest hypnosis to anyone. I swear it's completely safe in your own home, and it's my favorite meditation/relaxation method. Happy Trails!


Ball Lightning said...

very interesting. i have wondered about this stuff. i have a firm belief that im unhypnotizable though.

Lyndi said...

Yeah this sounds really interesting but I have to say I think I'm unhypnotizable too. I don't like to let go of control...:)

Anonymous said...


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