Monday, January 11, 2010

YEAR 2010

So I haven't blogged about my life in ages, so I thought I would get down to business. I think it would be kind of fun to write about my adventures of this year, so hopefully I can share some fun times I have had.

Anyhow so here is 2010 so far

#1- I had the best New Years Eve ever as Miss 2010!
#2- Went to an awesome mocktail party, and had a couple of cute guys get my number
#3- Went on a crazy ice skating date, and will always have fond memories of big mouth frogs!
#4- Started another Semester of School! My classes are a lot harder this semester, but hopefully I can get all A's again!
#5- Bittersweet Bluegrass named me the band secretary, and PR girl! Kind of excited. We also recorded last Saturday with the same guy who first recorded Maroon 5.....Did I mention 5 is my lucky number?
#6- Went to Soldier Hollow with one of my old roommates/BFF, and 2 cute guys!
#7- I learned the Rumba and the Bolero- gotta love Ballroom dancing
#8- I went to a really awesome Crepe party, where I learned the tango, and had a frozen strawberry crepe.
#9- I sold my love sack, and with the money I get I am going to buy me a new dresser :)
#10- I got in trouble at school for fidgeting with my cell phone while learning about the zygomatic arch.
#11- I totally got a new bedding for my room, and I love it!
#12- My little brother Brad moved to Logan...sad day
#13-The Bachelor, and Biggest Loser started
#14- I got some cute anonymous Gerber daisies left at my door
#15- I had a big mac for the first time in forever, and vowed I would never make that mistake again!
#16- I bought the coolest hand soap dispenser ever for my kitchen!
#17 - I went to lunch with my Dad to sizzler!
#18- I started going back to the gym
#19- started scrap booking again
#20- I spent $500 on books
#21- My Brother-in-law put a new battery in my car!
#22- Dr. Frazier took us all out to Mimi's for breakfast!
#23- Dr. Kimball actually laughed at a joke I made today!
#24- My guitar student Megan taught me Fireflies by owl city on guitar!
#25- My new favorite album is Miranda Lambert's Revolution- Seriously listen to it all the time!
#26- Bought a cute Rachel Ray orange garbage bowl

Anyhow that's what I have been up to! :)